About the 2nd year of our business I started looking around at various paints.  I decided on General Finishes because it was acrylic and also it was sprayable. They also had a wide palette that I liked. They sent a “recommended” order which included all these bright colors like Persimmon, Lime Green, Klein Blue, Coastal Blue, Holiday Red, Somerset Gold etc. I looked at those colors and thought you know I’m never going to use those and nobody is going to buy them. Gosh I said to my rep do I have to get those?? Can I just get more White, or Black or something?

I can remember getting my first big order in and getting my display all set up, it looked great. Lots of Antique White, Snow Whites and Lamp Blacks, Greys etc. I was all set up to sell my General Finishes. Had my little chart of paint colors up for display. And a cute little girl in her 20’s comes in says, “Do you have Persimmon? I really like that Persimmon and I think it will look really cool with glaze.” Mmmm well ok I said I’ll have to order it. But I’ll get that color for you ASAP. A little bit later, same day another lady came in and said, oh I’m looking for some paint and I saw where you’re carrying General Finishes.  “Do you have Lime Green?” She said she was doing a baby’s room and she wanted to paint a little rocker. Mmm well I said I’ll have to order it. But I’ll get that color for you ASAP.

I guess you see where I’m going with this. Everybody has a different taste and style. And I learned I really needed to step out my box. Just because I’m not a lime green fan doesn’t mean everybody is like me.  For instance my very own daughter Tonya. Sometimes I think she’s a little nut, but a cute one.  She is so much fun to work with in the paint shop but she’s sneaky. She knows it’s still hard for me to “step out of my box” and she’ll sneak a really bright color on a piece and I have a small fit. But she just grins from ear-to-ear when they sell. It’s always fun for her to tell me “I told you so mom!” Here’s a little sample of her pieces.

I love all of Tonya pieces, they are so vibrant and make me feel happy just looking at them. She has her own style and all I can say is it works (all her pieces found happy homes). So, don’t be afraid to branch out and put some color in your life! I think that any decorator would tell you, that it’s good to have a painted piece in every room, it adds interest and your room may need that pop of color. Greys and whites are in and they will stay in, but there definitely is a place for a “Pop of Color.” So if your having trouble “Stepping out of your Box” call me at Sisters and Friends, I’ll talk you through it! Ha Ha!

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