Buy before the Overhead. Avoid the Brick and Mortar overhead by buying your furniture while it is still in the container. Sisters & Friends is the first furniture store to offer a Layaway program allowing you to pay a deposit and reserve your furniture while it is still in the Container before it incurs our overhead. 

You can save hundreds of dollars if you can wait for it to arrive in the next container. Prices rise each month as the container nears its arrival date, so watch the “This price until” date. The best selection and the best prices will be in the container with the longest lead time before arrival. When it arrives, we have one last day on the “Container Day Event” to get a discount before the furniture goes into the store at regular price. In addition, Sisters & Friends is receiving the highest discounts allowed by Bramble for purchasing in container quantities and we are passing those savings on to you. 

If you are skeptical about purchasing something sight unseen, come into our store and take a look at the quality and finishes available. We guarantee you will love your new furniture when it arrives, if not we will refund your deposit on the spot no questions asked. You may decide to order a piece with your very own colors and finish, we will simply add it to our next container so you can take advantage of our Container Layaway prices. Simply go to find what you want and call us with their SKU number for a quote. Or Call us for an appointment and we will help you find your perfect piece. Please note that the Bramble pictures shown may not be color correct.  Come to the store to look at the color panels for the true color of the items.

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